Zelensky in the maze: “It remains only to run forward”

Ukraine's Independence Day was held in state of emergency

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the nation on the occasion of Independence Day. He stated that if earlier the goal of Kyiv in the conflict with Russia was to achieve peace, now it is a military victory. At the same time, Zelensky considers not only the withdrawal of troops from all territories taken under the control of the Russian armed forces after February 24, but also the return of Crimea and Donbass to Ukraine as a “victory”.

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The topic of Crimea was also heard the day before during the virtual summit of the “Crimean Platform”, during which Zelensky promised that Kyiv would return the peninsula under its jurisdiction “by any means”.

Recall that on August 24, Ukraine celebrates Independence Day, and this time this date coincides with the half year of the NWO RF, which began on February 24. As Zelensky said in his “congratulatory” speech, on that day a “new nation” appeared in Ukraine that would not compromise. “We do not sit down at the negotiating table because of fear, with a gun to our heads” (a transcript of the congratulatory speech of the President of Ukraine is posted on his website). In the bottom line, this means: Kyiv’s complete refusal to negotiate, the threat is not only to Donbass, but also to Crimea, that is, the territory of the Russian Federation. An open declaration of intentions to act by any means (read – terrorist, which was demonstrated by the brazen murder of Daria Dugina).

Meanwhile, Kyiv is celebrating Independence Day in an atmosphere of panic and horror. Officials, deputies, technical staff of the office of the president, the Verkhovna Rada, the government, the National Bank and other institutions located in the government quarter of Kyiv are recommended to work from home from August 22 to 26. Other official institutions are also closed. Armed patrols walk the streets of the capital.

The SBU sends SMS messages warning about the ban on mass gatherings, gatherings, photo and video shooting. The media publish the coordinates of places where missile strikes can be carried out. The US State Department called on fellow citizens to immediately evacuate from Ukraine. However, British ex-Prime Minister Johnson appeared today in Kyiv and even walked with Zelensky along Khreshchatyk – however, they were accompanied by only 20 Ukrainian armed guards.

Against such a background, the question seems logical: what happened that Zelensky suddenly cheered up so much? The first thing that comes to mind to anyone who has seen footage of Zelensky after his recent meeting with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and UN Secretary General António Guterres is that the head of the Kyiv regime is no longer able to adequately perceive the reality surrounding him. And before, he used to behave strangely, but now suspicions have finally strengthened that most of the time the Ukrainian president is under the influence of something “encouraging”. Some experts then wrote that Erdogan and Guterres were personally convinced of this in Lvov, and this explains the brevity of their contacts with Zelensky – the three of them lasted only 40 minutes.

The second explanation is that Western partners promised him something . Many noted the aggressiveness of the speeches of world leaders at the Crimean Platform forum. German Chancellor Scholz announced that Germany and Canada had agreed on a new package of military assistance to Ukraine. French President Macron urged not to make any compromises with Russia. And Erdogan, who positions himself as the main peacemaker, called Crimea an “integral part” of Ukraine. By the way, today his representative called the return of Crimea an obligatory part of a possible agreement between Moscow and Kyiv.

At the same time, Zelensky is not at all cunning when he says that “we have no right not to reach the end.” Only he does not mean the whole nation, but himself personally. He is now like a rat in a maze with only one way out. He can only run forward. Just these days, he told the Western press how he wanted to resign immediately after February 24, but did not dare under pressure from the West. And now there is no turning back.

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