Zach Sherwin – Charlie Lyrics

[Verse 1]
One of the most viewed YouTube videos ever
Shows two British brothers sitting together
The big one puts a finger in the little ones mouth
The baby bites down, the brother cries ouch

And the baby cracks up but I do not laugh
‘Cause biting is rap slang for stealing raps
And my rhymes have been bitten by so many hip-hop singers
It’s like I got Charlie biting my fingers

(Charlie bit me)
Yes, I’ve been bitten by some Charlie ass rappers
No Charlie this is no laughing matter, naa
(Charlie bit me)
And honestly it’s pretty disconcerting
I mean that really hurt Charlie and it’s still hurting
You make me say aoow you vicious little British midget
You wish you never bit this digit
(ouch Charlie, that really hurt. AOOOW)
You nasty little munchkin
You bit your brother, you munched kin
(ouch Charlie)
What do you have to say for yourself?

[Verse 2]
Little bitty Chuck, you’re in a pickle, you’re in trouble
‘Cause you nibbled on my knuckle and you giggle and you chuckle
But I’m not a bit tickled when I sit with you and cuddle
‘Cause you get me strung higher than a fiddle on a shuttle

I will take my belt off and whip you with the buckle
I will put my boots on and kick you in the butthole
Quit chewing on my q-tickle you need to find a bottle with a tip
Or a titty with a nipple you can suckle


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