Victoria Justice – Shake Lyrics

Shake Lyrics

Ow, Lately everybody’s so self-conscious
People talk about each other so heartless
But I don’t want to hear those conversations
I just want to feel the good vibrations

Whatever happen to the simple pleasures
How to live when their’s so much pressure
But I don’t want to think about the ending
Cause every moment is a new beginning
Ohhhhhhh. you know lifes to short to be complicated
Ohhhh ohhhh sometimes sometimes

Sometimes you gotta SHAKE SHAKE
What your momma gave you
Put out your michael j moves
And dance with the record on
Sometimes you gotta get dumb dumb at the supermarket
Even if theirs people watching
Just because you write the song
Sometimes you gotta just SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE
Sometimes you gotta just SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE
ohhh ohh yeah.

Do we even really know what matters
When we stuck inside the same old patterns.
You know it’s easy to forget that feeling,
When the kid in your heart stops dreaming
Doesn’t matter if your 6 or 60
It doesn’t matter if your rich or 50
If the moment feels right just do it
Who cares if your looking foolish
Ohhhh ohhh
You know lifes to short to be complicated
Ohhh ohhh ohhh


Tell me is it wrong if it makes you feel right
You never know if you don’t even try
Let it go, you might find that you like to


Shake a little shake a little now (shake) (ohhh)
Sometimes you gotta just shake

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