Vic Rivers – Sour Jedi Lyrics (feat. Viik)

[Verse 1: Vic Rivers]
What’s the point of getting, if you never want to give?
What’s the point of living, if you never get to live?
So I sit back, plan how to get rich
Down by 2, 4 seconds, can’t miss
Double team, no one to assist
Shoot the fade away, no time to think
Scared, basement rappers don’t exist
Profit you earn is based on your risk
Here I go, what’s the worse I can lose
I’mma prove, I could see something thru
Have to do this mom, not a quitter dad
At this point, it’s beyond wanting it bad
Sacrificed more than most of these guys
That pick up mics, rap how they so fly
Tried to kill myself, rap saved me twice
Addicted to the game, gotta roll the dice

[Hook: VIIK]
Dark days come, keep my head high x2
In my own galaxy, Sour Jedi x2

[Verse 2: Vic Rivers]
I was told, you have a dream see it through
If it isn’t rap, not much I can do
Gotta go, can’t worry what’s the right move
To walk this path, all I need is the right shoes
Nike Air or not, it’s just kicks
Don’t need name brand to get chicks
Just know, it’s not the clothes that makes you fly kid
It’s the style inside, yea that’s it
Just trying to be a voice for my city
Growing up in Queens, we were never given pity
A boss can’t fall to the pressure
So many bills on my dresser
If you fall, then you gotta bounce right back
Life’s a female dog and I can’t fight back
I ain’t stressing ambition in my system
Some chase the cash, I chase the wisdom

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