Vic Rivers – Leaving Las Vegas Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m turning 26, I’m a man
Growing old, I’m a man
Gotta keep it moving, have to make a move
Do it for myself, so much more to prove
Four years, broken heart, nearly lost my mind
Enough about the past, all about the grind
Most these girls, all they see is dollar signs
I don’t see em either, I only see the time
You gotta make some change before you toss dimes
I might get a dance, but I won’t toss mines
You a bad one, cuz you bartend and lie?
She said u funny rapper, rehearsing lines?
Want a movie star, I can play that role
It’s Vinny Chase girl, I like you on that pole
I’m always getting faded, I’m always bent
With my Entourage, money well spent
That’s that fake rap, let’s get back to basics
I’m living right now, I’m not in the Matrix
You want to make money, you be patient
Fast money ain’t long money, I’m just saying
Plot power moves, kill songs in the booth
Share dreams, touch lives, make a lot of loot
Separated from money, it’s the root of sin
Music is my only love, that’s pure within
So I save money, when I’m older, spend money
In the end, it’s DNA, they can’t take that from me
Won’t sell my soul, you can’t pressure him
Vincent Chase, Season 8, I’m a gentlemen
Everything you need is here baby, have a toast
Let’s toast to the change, needed for our growth
Let’s toast to the days we didn’t have hope
Let’s toast to the things we gave up that was close

[Verse 2]
I miss Las Vegas, it felt like my 2nd home
You can’t stay in Paradise if you never grow
Have to chase my dreams, 8 years I been stuck
Been lost it all, been outta luck
Been seen death, angels on my bed
All those pills that I took, I swear I should of been dead
Passed out, my funeral playing in my head
Took it as a sign, you can live out dreams instead
Tired of being poor, money better for you
I need that Stringray, my brother copping one too
Drive past the haters, now we laughing at you
But don’t get it twisted, our intentions the truth

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