Vic Rivers – Friday The 13th Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Friday 13th, mom gave birth
Good Friday too, life’s a gift and curse
Walking oxymoron, cursed and blessed
Walking Dead, but there’s still breath in my chest
Love Stoned, love scars tear the flesh
I pray to God, am I strong enough to bear your test
Everyday I’m sinning for the sake of winning
Lost close friends, wished the best for from the beginning
Use to be close, when did we drift apart?
Regrets I can’t forget, still sifting through my heart
Abortion weighing on my mind
Would of kept our baby if I had cash and time
Our time, now she ain’t mines
Count the change, cop a dime, I lost mines
Nothing changes, hope it takes the pain away
While these doctors saying pills will make the brain okay
I don’t need those side effects, I get it from my life
And you gotta find yourself before you find a wife
Mistakes I made, I made twice
Made two lefts, instead of right
Stress killing me, ex ain’t feeling me
Opposite attracts, so I’m waiting for our synergy
Other ex getting married, I know I’m wrong
I been waiting for them to break up for too long
Knock on wood, hope I don’t jinx my luck
There he goes, rapping about girls that’s way out of touch
What about the ones I wish I didn’t, there’s a few
One night regret, a fling that wasn’t true
As a brother and a friend, I know what not to do
Sorry Nesh, but what was I suppose to do

[Verse 2]
Best friend told me, practice what you speak
I’m just trying to share my stories, I’m not trying to preach
7 billion in the world, I hope some relate
When you’re hurting everyday, it’s hard to keep your fate
When your bad luck’s on time, good luck’s always late
Keep your head up, I promise one day we’ll be straight
I’m just trying to make a difference
This is for the weird kids, it’s cool to be different

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