Vic Rivers – April’s Fool Lyrics

[Verse 1]
All the miles apart, can’t heal the pain that’s in my heart
Hard to deal with from the start, I used the pain for art
I shoulda known better, never turn a good one bad
Now I dream about all the memories we never had
Well I had love, now it’s something rather live without
When it came to dedication, never showed you any doubt
I lost friends, lost money, lost girls
I lost love, a lost man in the world

[Verse 2]
Grew up on Pac, it’s just Me Against The World
And I’m trying to take it easy, Lord Knows I might hurl
Everything I say, you know I mean when I rap it
What it looks like to you? Does it look like acting?
I gave all, I lost all, do this out of passion
When your dreams don’t come, and you’re tired, no more asking
When you lost it all, but the will to make it happen
Even lost my friends working hard, while they slacking
Imma do me, that’s all that I ever knew
Let my ex tell it, she’ll say that I never grew
But I did, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, monster
Shocking when you feel me, Street Fighter Blanka
Heart’s cold, lost hope, lost love, monster
Shocking when you hear me, audio wave Blanka

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