Tornts – Out Here Lyrics (feat. Kings Konekted)

‘m out here, we’re out here, watching this world is never clear
I’m outside, we’re outside, street vision pain filled skies
I’m out here, we’re out here, watching this world is never clear
I’m outside, we’re outside, street vision never gonna lie

We roam the lands like nomads, hunter gatherers in the breeze i’ve smelt some blown labs, rough little Conans hating their old man’s and wishing for gold hands, bench drinking tans, blinded by the struggle cataracts from scattered cash, watch who you f**k with they’ll leave with you with more than a rash, robbery in the colony, little man with the bally and heavy shotty, drugs got him godly, cameras see him on the rock…Sean Connery, cops skid up in the spot popped his body, on the news he’s a temporary oddity, no honour amongst thieves, blood money, what’s the line of separation between man and the animals? evil and ego economic tolls, no Nissan but i’m checking out the skyline, dirty swine helicopter wish it weren’t flying


CULPRIT: In amongst tobacco and porn,devil’s habits and horns/havoc,panic attacks and children’s toys scattered on lawns/where the mufflers growl like mastiffs,bulldogs’ll snarl and crouch/in smoke sections,smart mouths,where’s where’s your class and clout?/and young boys with markers out “hey where you putting up?”/cause real writers riding on you would be f**ks/nothing greater,abundant danger,infringements over drunk behaviour/and f**k a favour rather frame ya like constructive labour/anything goes till nothing’s left/they using bus shelters as protection for sex,gin and schweppes/at my behest overthrow you like rudd/you know the deal keep your mouth shut when covered in mud/i dont got time for the haters,refuse the chumps/im in that black dodge bangin rest in peace by billy bunks/the captain fitting the bill/come and see me when there’s something you can do for me like richie aprile/……..capish


DONTEZ: Cryovak sacks inside the walls behind the chipboard/ eye’s move behind a framed portrait delays on the dates/ brothers extorted the weight/ display caution slang surgery pups in the nursery rough/ the violent clutch of hells nectar adolescent love, mistaken hugs for a f**k/ where kids hustle cars into trucks & cuzin they know the setup/ with trail-bike gloves & posse sparks street operas in the dark imposters acknowledgment’s met/ verbal reflections inside the retina/ cash/ motivator tradie’s even get robbed for their sealy’s glue sealant & varnish/ stash spoils, copper wire coils concrete posturepedic/ behind the wheels of a bomb where time collides like hadron beneath Geneva/ It’s still better the devil you do/ chemical stews in the broth/ where tyres fry the bitumen in the lot/ Cars stolen ram raided grog shops straight out the yard/ street trades & swollen wallets enlarged maroon hearts/

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