Tombstone Da Deadman – The Mad Dystopian Lyrics

See, I’m accustomed to people not liking what I say in my rhymes
It comes with the territory
But there are people who don’t like how I say what I say in my rhymes
So I’m going to tone it down just a bit and explain to you how it really is

Cause every time I spit it sounds like I might flip into a rage
And take this anger straight up off the page
And every time I flow it sounds like I might explode
And take this world with me and watch it burning down in flames
And every time I rap it sounds like I might snap
And have to be restrained but nothing that they build contains
And every time I write it feels like I’m not right
And these words are gonna rub them all the wrong way

[Verse 1]
I always get questioned on why my music sounds angry
I wish I could just blame the world and say this place changed me
The truth is since I child it I always kind of felt mad
Like I was living with the venom that murdered my old man
Like it infused in me genetically and stained my disposition
So when put in some positions my temper will spark quicker
I guess we should be thankful i never got into liquor
Cause drinking fire water might give me hair pin triggers
In younger days it was the bane of all of my existence
But the older I have gotten I bring a stronger resistance
So usually that means that i’m suppressing a lot
Don’t bother saying it ain’t good for me I know that it’s not
But see what choice have I got.. cause if I let these evil forces tempt me
I’ll be bashing f**kers heads in like they Ren and Stimpy
So for now I’ll do the best that I can
To keep the demons on the low just to prevent the mayhem

[Chorus x 1]

[Verse 2]
Mister “f**k your favorite rapper” is back… hip hop Galactus
Looking at your planet thinking this might make a nice snack
Slap your face until your jawbone collapse
Then switch it up and pick you up from out the dust and tell you homie relax
I’m dialing disrespect up to the max… punch the boogers out your nose
And laughing crazy at your silly tight clothes
O your apologetic flows that shows you’re scared to get down
Cause you ain’t rough enough and we can even tell by your sound
So color me so unimpressed by that weakness that you express
It’s not my fault I just detest you , him and all the rest
From time to time that sentiment is coming out my rhymes
Then some people hear it, take offense and really start to whine
But this is just the way that I rock shit… so loud and obnoxious
With an attitude that poison and toxic
No matter what you think I won’t stop this
That’s probably why my brother Palm laughs and says, “Deadman you not shit.”

[Chorus x 1]

[Verse 3]
No I won’t tone it down just to satiate your ego
No I won’t clean it up just to entertain these people
So what you’re intimidated man i don’t even mean to
Before you even get started on that shit here the preview
And honestly you’ll just get ignored..I won’t acknowledge you
Except to say your mama’s a whore and she should have swallowed you
I hope that makes you mad enough to leave me alone
How dare you try to tell me how to do some art that’s my own
The one thing I have learned is that everyone is a critic
And everyone has opinions on how that they would have did it
And everyone thinks they’re special but everyone’s not artistic
So if you think that you’re swaying my process you got it twisted
My delivery g’on be what it is… it’s not democracy
You don’t get a vote on my songs or methodology
You either get to say that you love it or do not like it see
And i will do the same with your craft… and that’s alright with me

[Chorus x 1]

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