Tombstone Da Deadman – Keep It Moving Lyrics (feat. Napalm Hyru & Adekwit)

Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong
Owes me money, or ever said any jealous bullshit about me is f**king dead

[Verse 1: Tombstone]
Where were you when I was facin’ frustration
Back and forth across the floor pacin’
Dream chasin’ told that I was time wastin’
f**ked up with my mind encased in dark thoughts
While others laughed and tossed darts
Leaking blood surrounded by these f**king sharks
I do not recall a time you ever tried to lend a hand
Or even sat to help me out and give your thoughts towards a plan
Suddenly when things begin to take flight, I see a bit of daylight
You’re acting like you always had my back, right?
f**k outta here with all that Johnny-coming-lately shit
No tolerance for it, fall back, or quickly in your face I’ll spit
Now who the f**k is this? Rolling on me with some stupid owe me list
Cancel Christmas; shut the door; you don’t exist
I am unapproachable, except for those I know is true
And rallied right behind me every time I had a show to do
Or dropped some knowledge that inspired me to grow some more
And I don’t have to say their names cause all of them will know the score

[Verse 2: Napalm Hyru]
Y’all know the routine, top of the morning f**kers
I got enough dead weight and I don’t need another’s
People get in their feelings and start talkin’ reckless
Goin’ at your neck like they f**kin’ tryna steal your necklace
To tell the truth, ayo I saw ya in different light
Like examinin’ hotel rooms that’s under a black light
Imma be the bigger person, not play the “blame game”
Cuz you and I both know, I could’ve done the same thing
Imma maintain, keep it movin’ expeditiously
No more attention I will pay you, no need to request a fee
And basically, you live in glass houses, then own windex
Make sure your shit is clean, before ya f**kers try to judge the next
But yeah you tried it though, left me with a couple scars
Then time healed those wounds I constructed these bars
All is forgiven, but not forgettin’ those petty dealings
Not bad for a man who isn’t in touch with his feelings

[Verse 3: Adekwit]
Drinking this liquor while I’m on my medication
To release the stress, aggression and all the aggravation
To Hulk smash their opinions about how I won’t make it
They can right click, scroll down, and f**king save it
Cause when I was on my dick
Nobody gave a shit
Before I got back into hip-hop I was contemplating licks
Driving my civic in the streets
Live, paper chasing
Now I’m dedicated to rhyming, niggas saying that I’m changing?
Damn man, can’t seem to satisfy anybody
Should I make my art a business or treat it as a hobby?
They don’t know about the nights I was sleeping next to my shotty
Funny how I trusted that more than I did anybody
Mad, I don’t shout you out
Or get up on your features?
To be honest with you bruh
My nigga I don’t need ya
I never asked for a favor
For you to have my back, bitch
So keep it moving
I don’t owe yo ass jack-shit!

[Outro: Adekwit and (Napalm)]
So y’all check this shit out, man (check this shit out, man)
To me, loyalty means everything (everything)
That’s why I f**k with Tomb, that’s why I f**k with Napalm
(You already know)
You know what I’m talking about? (Yeah, family nigga)
Yo, we gon’ keep this shit movin’ (Keep it movin’)
And all y’all f**k niggas that think we owe y’all something
We don’t owe ya’ll nothin’ (not a goddamn thing)
(Yup, I mean that)

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