Tombstone Da Deadman – Big Daddy Reaper Lyrics

I am fire! I am death!

Sometimes you love me
Then other times you hate me
Sometimes you run from me
Other times you run embrace me
I’ve been here since the beginning
What I’ve noticed lately
Is that the need for my services
Has risen greatly
I’m not a fly swatter cosmic executioner
It’s never me I just clean up things when life is through with ya
I’m right where you’re needing me the most
To bring peace to the suffering and draw to a close

[Verse 1]
You can find me stalking blood soaked battlefields
War torn environments and anywhere that blood spills
Anywhere you savage little monkeys got your ass killed
I’ll be standing patiently waiting to get my quota filled
Silently strolling down those hospital wards
Seeking out the ones that’s terminal to give their rewards
And give a wink right at the ones that avoid
To let them know that the next time that I see ’em Imma take them on board
In the middle of a pandemic bodies so weak that they shredded
Over the shoulders of paramedics saying, “Forget it
She’s mine now there is nothing more you can do to save her
I’ll take her with me it’s not a pity do you a favor.”
The heart of every single tragedy that you see
In the center of all that spectacle, is where I’ll be
I’m right where you needing me the most
To bring peace to the suffering and draw to a close


[Verse 2]
I hovered in the skies on the day of 9/11
To witness planes on a mission of murder soar through the heavens
I was walking right beside that motorcade when Kennedy got sprayed
A nation mourning in grief it’s just another day
Your life in comparison is a fleeting second
And half of that is the time that it takes for you to wreck it
A cosmic entity… lifespan infinity
No matter what you do don’t think you’re ever getting rid of me
Some bitch and moan and plead their case when their time is up
Others lay in agony complaining that enough’s enough
Some think that murder is the cure for all that bothers them
Somewhere someone is plotting revenge on those that slaughtered friends
To me it never matters what’s the motivation
Their time is up and I’m taking them with no hesitation
Humanity is on a one way ride to decimation
So I built an army of reapers and we g’on be here waiting


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