The Ministry of Justice excluded Kostyleva, coordinator of Golos, from the register of foreign agents

She filed a corresponding application, arguing that she had not received foreign funding during the previous year. Earlier, several Golos coordinators were also excluded from the register of foreign media agents

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Polina Kostyleva

The Ministry of Justice excluded Polina Kostyleva, the coordinator of the movement in defense of the rights of voters “Golos” from the register of media-foreign agents. (included by the department in the register of unregistered public associations performing the functions of a foreign agent), according to the website of the ministry.

“This decision was made on the basis of an application for exclusion, as well as documents received from authorized state authorities,” ; the message says.

As Kostyleva told RBC, she filed an application with the Ministry of Justice for exclusion from the register of foreign agents. As a basis, the document states that the applicant did not receive money and property from foreign sources during the previous year (RBC has a copy of Kostyleva's statement).

“The fact is that the basis for inclusion is, among other things, the receipt of foreign funding during the year preceding the decision on the appointment. I was included on September 29, 2021, and funding of 500 rubles. from a citizen of Tajikistan dated December 2019,— she explained.— Therefore, after submitting the application, the Ministry of Justice saw that there were no receipts, I am not a journalist, I have no contracts with the editorial offices of foreign media agents, so it was logical.

Movement “Voice” recognized as a foreign agent in August 2021, it became the first organization to be included in the recently created register of unregistered NPO-foreign agents. Kostyleva got into the register of media-foreign agents a little more than a month later. After that, she announced that she intended to continue activities, despite the status. “On the one hand, you understand that you didn’t do it in vain, your work was noticed. On the other hand, your life will deteriorate to some extent. We need to accept these rules of the game, — she explained to the portal.

Polina Kostyleva until the beginning of 2018 served as chairman of the St. Petersburg branch of the Progress Party (an unregistered party, had this name until May 2018, then it was renamed “Russia of the Future”). She was also the head of the campaign headquarters of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny in 2017, when he planned to run in the presidential elections. Then the CEC refused to register him as a candidate because of his conviction in the Kirovles case.

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In early May, the Ministry of Justice excluded four more Golos coordinators from the register of media-foreign agents: Vladimir Zhilkin, Alexander Lyutov, Alexander Grezev and Ilya Pigalkin. They also applied based on the lack of foreign funding during the previous year.

For the first time, the Ministry of Justice reduced the list of foreign media agents at the end of April. Arkady Lyubarev was removed from him— election expert, board member of the Golos movement, and Lyudmila Kuzmin — Samara human rights activist, regional coordinator of Golos.

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