The German Ministry of Defense did not see the opportunity for new arms supplies to Ukraine

Three members of the Bundestag published an article in the Spiegel newspaper calling for more arms supplies to Ukraine, even if this would negatively affect the defense capability of the German army

The Bundeswehr (German armed forces) can no longer supply weapons and military equipment to Ukraine from its own stocks, the ministry said defense of Germany, reports Spiegel.

“As for deliveries from the warehouses of the Bundeswehr, we have approached the permissible limit,” & mdash; said Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, adding that the Bundeswehr could not be further weakened.

Thus, the ministry commented on the article of three deputies of the Bundestag (German parliament)— Christian Klink (Social Democratic Party), Sarah Nanni and Alexander Müller (Free Democratic Party)— with a call to increase the supply of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine, including through the stocks of the Bundeswehr. They believe that it is necessary to “pull up” defense production, and the potential of the German army “can and should” go by the wayside, because “the survival of Ukraine is in the interests of German security policy.”

The office of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, commenting on the article, referred to his recent statements that Berlin is already supplying Ukraine with a large amount of weapons and it is important not to aggravate the conflict, the newspaper writes. “We have taken note of the statements from Parliament,” — added in Scholz's office.

The appeal of the German deputies was supported by the authorities of Ukraine. The country's Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba wrote on his Twitter: “Well-armed Ukraine— the best long-term investment in the security of Europe».

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has repeatedly rejected claims of insufficient military support for Ukraine. He pointed out that the Ukrainian army received weapons from Berlin that are not yet in service with the German armed forces. In addition, the chancellor stated that Germany supplied “everything that was”: anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems, mines, “tons of ammunition”, multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), self-propelled howitzers, counter-battery radars.

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Russia has repeatedly criticized Western countries for supplying weapons to Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that by sending weapons to Kyiv, NATO is entering into a “proxy war”; with Russia. He also stated that as he “pumped” Ukraine with long-range weapons, the geographical tasks of the Russian special operation will expand.

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