The doctor listed the mistakes that can harm health in the heat

Therapist Lyudmila Aleksandrova told "Evening Moscow" about mistakes and habits that can harm your health in the heat.

According to her, hats are necessary not only while relaxing on the beach. The doctor noted that the headgear protects from aggressive sun rays and sunstroke, so it is recommended to wear it during the period solar activity.

Aleksandrova also spoke about the importance of daily use sunscreen cream. She said that if you neglect its use, then there may be a risk of photodermatitis.

In addition, the therapist urged to give up sports and fried foods during the period of solar activity. According to her, exercise in the heat can cause cardiological problems, and fried food seriously burdens the stomach. The specialist advises to consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein foods.

Earlier, a nutritionist said that excessive consumption of sugar in hot weather can negatively affect the condition of the skin and intestines. 

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