State Lines – For The Boats Lyrics

You were well dressed
Some kid called you “fresh to death” and I just left
Through the back door thinking, “Oh hell, I wanna go home”
It’s like you never left, because your rotten stench is on my rotting breath
And it’s scaring everyone to death and off like a flame to the neck
Like a lit cigarette, you’re killing me with every breath
And every breath’s another regret
You’re a cigarette
You’re cancer in a f**king stick
And I’m sick of being chained down in this town
Like everyone else around, hands in my pocket, always looking down
I’m sick of overpriced books
Sick of the classrooms filled with nothing but dirty looks
I’m sick of hating everything. I’m sick of every song I’ll ever sing
But I know, yeah I know there’s gotta be more
Than all that surrounds me, all I abhor
Like these frat kids in snapbacks with letters of their backpacks
Sewn on like a f**king badge
Oh, please kill me
Or just promise me that theres something more
And tell me it’s waiting out my front door
I swear I would start today
Oh, if only I could stop the rain

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