State Lines – Cheers, Belmonte Lyrics

Oh God I got myself in such a mess, turning in all the wrong directions
And did I fail to mention sweating through sheets in a non-existent February heat
Lately it’s been taking its toll on me

Oh and I was in such a hole with plans of never waking up to see tomorrow
For the first time I saw myself let go and I cut that rope, that string of hope

The only thing we know is in the end, we only do what we think makes sense

And I’ve found a place to call my home

It lays somewhere in between you and this microphone

And I saw her there in my dream last night
And I saw her face reflecting light
And she spoke my name for the very first time
And I heard your voice bouncing off mine when you said

“Did you forget the part where this won’t matter?

Did you forget the part where this won’t mean a thing?”

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