Squirrel Nut Zippers – Pallin’ With Al Lyrics

Pallin’ With Al Lyrics

All the birds up in the trees
Have got a different song to sing
And as birds learned now they’ve learned that swing
They’ve been Pallin’ with Al

Down below at the candy shop
They’re still workin’ at that same old chore
But the stuff here’s sweeter than it was before
You know why, pallin’ with Al

Who’s that man who’s got that sentimental swing
Plays that mess just like it doesn’t mean a thing
Gather round you all
And watch him pluck those strings

When he gets that right hand pumpin’
All those kiddies got to start buck jumpin’

Listen now and don’t forget
If you go for that solid jive
You can always keep the dream alive
Pallin’, pallin’ pallin’ with Al

Alright, don’t tell I’m your lover

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