Snckpck – Afternoon Lyrics

Heres some advice for you
If you want to know
Gotta have a good heart
You gotta let people in
You gotta support your friends
Gotta make sure ur alive
Cause if ur not ur not alive
Read comic books all the time
Eat apple after 5
Do whatever you
With your time in the after

Know your house address
Always be prepared
For anything resembling
Everything that you are scared of
Take a pen outside and
Watch the clouds go by ( and draw them )
Call your friends and
Let them know how much they mean to you
In the after

Create something that wasn’t there before
Make your life something more
Eat your dinner at an appropiate time
Make sure ur body gets lots of rest

People next to you everywhere are people too
And one of them could be your best friend
You never know who could show up
When you say hello
Cause people are the best thing
And everyone knows that anyone can be
Anything they wanna be
They wanna be

On the way home to my parents house
I wandered off down to a trail where ii
Wasn’t supposed to go
I found a home
Where i wasn’t supposed to go
I found a home in the afternoon

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