Snckpck – A Perfect Day With You Lyrics

It’s thursday and we have nothing to do today.
Lets go on an adventure together.
We could go to every thrift store in town and buy all the titanic VHS tapes then come back home to make a fort out of them.
We could sit inside on that sunny day while the sun reflects on a wind chime we have outside making it a kaleidoscope of lights all around us.
You tell me that we forgot to grab the Buzz Lightyear blanket in the other room.
I go upstairs to get it and then look out the window and I’m smiling because even though I know you so well I still get a little nervous whenever I walk into a room with you in it.
It’s a good nervous.
It’s a great nervous.
Because everything I do with you makes me feel so alive.
We can sit around on the floor doing nothing at all and I will still feel more alive than ever.
If I lay on my floor without you its like “Ok, I’m laying down on the floor.” but with you its like “Holy hek I like you so much I love laying down on the floor with you.”
Even the simple things we do like walking down the street or laying down watching the new episode of cosmos make me feel so happy.
I just like you so much.
And that’s basically it.

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