Sharissa – You Can Do Better Lyrics

You Can Do Better Lyrics

I am tired of all the lies
I am tired of all these tears I cried
I’m tired of all the games
Why can’t things just be the same way?
When love was brand new
There wasn’t a thing he wouldn’t do
Now everything has changed
And I am trying so hard to walk away
Deep down I know
I can do better than that
[Girl I know] [repeat 5x]
I don’t know why that I try
When I can do better
So what’s up with you?
[What do you mean?]
Is everything with you and your girl cool?

[It’s all right but I’m starting to realize she’s not
my type]
Why are you wasting your time?
[I don’t know]
I’ma keep it real and tell you the truth
These conversations are drawing me closer to you
[I feel the same way so what are we gonna do?]
I don’t know cause we both have issues
Sometimes late at night
I can’t get you off of my mind
I know we’re supposed to be friends
But my feelings are changing
I can’t take it
My heart keeps aching
I just can’t keep going through
[You don’t have to keep going through]
I’m with him, but I won’t miss him
If I replace him with you

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