Rhythmic Debris – Cause For Concern Lyrics (feat. Ruinous)

A-yo, you step too far and I got weapons drawn
See I don’t need a 22 when the pens involved
See I can grab a thought, twist it wrong
Bend and make these words to do whatever I want
Change your perspective with a flick of the tongue
You see the ground I rip out from from beneath you
I blow like Saddam, believed to be evil
My goal is to flow like Nas with ether too lethal
Then switch up to Jigga like beef, with who?
I’m sick of this shit kicker view
Always get looking down on
I’m sick of the fact that I got a predetermined outcome
But I can’t react, don’t have enough power to count on
Too many cowards to account for
I can’t breathe
1, 2, 3 sheep, but there’s cattle to count but I still can’t sleep
This a result of you even thinking you can walk above us
Please, throw me a beat
I’ll cut down a tree before I turn a new leaf
This obscene, cause I’m obsessed
I cannot be seen unless with a pen
You cannot believe, but have to accept
You don’t know a thing about what to expect
The most valuable weapon that I could get was in my head
I got an arsenal what you call a weapon I call a pen
So I’m gonna aim it against, but only aim for heads
I gonna spread like a wild fire and a tire iron in a wreck
You don’t affect my mind with your rhymes, 9 times out of 10
I’m like diseases on that fiends needle when his life’s leaning on the meds
I’m like aids to you, gonna take that immune system until your dead
He’s another victim of these writtens, you should of listened to what I said
So gimme the pen back, I don’t wanna snap
I got a Rottweiler, I can hotwire this jet pilot to attack
I’m on fire like ghost rider with no lighters attached
My flows tighter than cops on that lowrider with no license when the co pilots a known fighter and he’s most violent when he’s so high on crack
In fact, gimme a 22 and a noose just incase, to brace for impact
So I can shoot hoops while I watch that f**king neck snap
No hat but literally a snap back, I just had to laugh
That’s what happens when these swag fags answer back
See understand it
It’s a matter of fact that this much practice
Comes lyrical enhancement
I don’t wanna get savage, this is looking graphic
I’ll catch that bastard while you pass the plastic
Leave your ass hanging, the direct result of anger
Lyrical assault, I just can’t contain it
You made the statement, it’s too late to change it
We’re rearranging brain cells to faces
Chains and restraints ain’t gonna save this
Throw me in a boxed up cage up with Jason I come out with a blade and a mask to hide my face in
Send Freddy his way take him to the basement
Deal with the situation
I’d tell you what he did, but I really shouldn’t say this
So stick with imagination, f**k off with the fairies it’s too complicated
I can’t even bare it; I’m going insane with
All this anger in my veins
Can’t even maintain a straight face
My brain is a straight aim even on both angles

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