Proleter – Miss Her Lyrics (feat. Awon)

[Verse 1]
When the sun comes up
Champagne and Tropicana
Once rolled up
Twisting Cubans on Havana
Turkey bacon, egg whites
Strawberries and banana
Coconut water, hydration in my stamina
Kids with they nana, I hope they mind their manners
We left ourselves home along with our worn pajamas
On the beach skinny dipping
Like shrooms trippy tripping
In the back room stripping
Best believe I’m sipping
Kush, my cologne
Jimmy-choo is your perfume
Making power moves ’cause the way you smile and work moves
You’re my right hand drifting those who try to hurt you
Now missing you like a Motherf**ker
Call my earth due
One more chance if you let me in your circle
I promise not to do or say anything hurtful
Seeing you the at the gate weigh heavy on my mind
Besides it seems like a mighty long time


[Verse 2]
When the sun comes up
‘Cause in San Pellegrino
I never want to give this up
‘Cause I’m a fiend for your company
Shots of espresso with conversation
Which is elevation in my stimulation
Nothing changed since we dated
In fact, more elated
That now we’re related, kids, house, you the spouse now
I’m worried ‘Cause I’m spending more time, on the couch
I know the way that you have when your mind doesn’t mouth
It’s been a few years since we have all in rain
I know the sunshine hasn’t take away the pain
I just miss you now and the light in your heart
It’s crazy to be together
Yet feel so apart
I feel helpless
Because I can’t heal your wounds
See the grief on your face as you lay in the room
There’s no amount of liquor or trees I can consume
To take my mind of what it is your going through
And I promise I’ll be the for you
Know that I will care for you
Every single night before I rest I say a prayer for you
You’re one of a kind, a rare dime of a lifetime
I want what we have, to exist beyond a pipeline
The time any measurements a man can’t count
My unconditional love in infinite amounts
For you my whole everything
You still rock the wedding ring
When I ain’t have anything
You’re the reason I’m a king

(Heavy on my mind)
(You’re the reason I’m a king)
(Seems like a mighty long time)
(You’re the reason I’m a king)
(Seeing you at the gateway, heavy in my mind)
(When the sun comes up)

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