Paul Bergmann – Stars And Streams Lyrics

I’ve managed now to be a man
In brazened skin, by sea and sand
And fazed not, the ocean stands
Before these poems I’ve made on land
The magic of a quiet dream
If only for oneself it seems
I wish you felt the cold, cold rain
But you have never been that way

Stars and streams
Birds and leaves
Stars and streams
They can go anywhere

The deeds, the things we find to care
The stars above at which we stare
I know you’ve grown out of me so
But waters tend to pool and flow
I’ve climbed I’ve loved this mountain, tall
But here I am not safe at all
These drunken streams I’ve swum and dammed
Will there be more?
I’m not the man

Stars and streams
Words and dreams
Stars and streams
They carry everything

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