Norm – The Stage Lyrics (feat. Sune)

[Verse 1: Norm]
Explicit emotions
Adrenalin pumpin threw your veins
Don’t think that any kind of orgasm will ever feel the same
Twenty million high fives combined with every drug that you can take
And add that to the greatest burger with a strawberry milkshake
When all you do is take for you yet they all keep receiving
Couldn’t make a better deal with the devil even if you keep cheating
Not always selfish, just how it works
Performers feed the ego
Nothing ruthless in its essence that’s just the way that we stratego 
To perform to go where we go
Is a delicate balancing act
So keep your limbs inside your vehicle 
And your seatbelt intact
Everything moving shifting course at a thousand mile per hour
It’s like you said f**k it to your parachute and just jumped out of a tower
It’s a half half chance you’ll land safely on your feet
Or the water you wanted to dive into just turned into concrete 
Makes sense if you don’t think about it
No thrill can compare 
So of course it comes adjacent to the pit of despair 

[Chorus: Sune]
My man, is this really what you want
Is this who you wanna be
Would you still chase that dream if no one’s there to see

Is this really what you want
Is this who you wanna be
Would you still chase that dream if no one’s there to see

[Verse 2: Norm]
I spent months in a cage 
Trying to channel the rage
The happiness, confusion 
Only preparing for the stage
It doesn’t last, don’t tell me I’m lying
Cause when you get up there and spit man it’s all about timing
It’s just a little about the flow and less to do with rhyming
And more to do with who and when your next contract you signing
The green has more to say than us with the vocal cords 
Money in your pocket and all these awards could be yours
Flies don’t like vinegar but they get stuck in the honey
You don’t have to put the work in you can try to get lucky
From number nothing to stainless
But that’s the trademark of brainless
Stop looking for motivation at the top of the a-list
It’s always been in me it’s a choice to be courageous
And the stage can be located just wherever I take it
Believe it or not it’s also a choose to make it

So just make it

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