Moon Of Steel – Flying High Lyrics

Day after day
It shines in front of you
The screen is our friend
It’s our brother, it’s our father…
You look but don’t see
The screen is our master
Days are no longer without it
Colour power! Thousands of images
In front of your eyes
TV can be pleasant to watch
To dream…
Don’t think just let yourself go
Is it what you want?
Why do its promises
Get lost in the darkness?

I want to fly high, to go beyond
To live the dream in reality
To be satisfied, to be myself

And I, I want to fly
In the sky of your screen
I want to talk, listen to me
Why don’t you answer?
Why don’t you reply?
Please let me in…
Uh! Your friend calls again
Uh! Don’t let him wait
Uh! Hey man! Get up!
Its shallowness is your reality
Like its will is now your conviction
Sexy dolls of celluloid in our dreams
Perfection’s its peculiarity
You wonder with
Less and less conviction
Why it must be, your best friend

Now I’m satisfied…Satisfied
Are you satisfied?

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