Mogli The Iceburg – Prideful Lyrics

Can’t stop me
Ain’t no one on my level
Ain’t no one out that’s better thats regardless what they tell you
Taking it back into the beginning when I was just
Killin em with the battle rap
B Rabbit it on em when I’m coming they can’t handle that
Its all me, all me
Independent boy that means nobody helping me
I did it on my my own, so you can’t tell me nothing when I – wait
Now thats my pride talking
I get a little cocky when I hear the beat knocking
I get a little caught up in my ego when I’m praised by these people
And they try to lift me higher than the steeple
Gotta kill all that
Sometimes I talk about how real I rap
And then I try to say I’m humble too
And then I realize my hypocrisy
And try to shake it off me and these rappers
All around me like, ‘Whats up with you?’
See they just don’t get it
Killing off my flesh, born again in the spirit
Fiendin tryin to get near it
So every time I sin I gotta whip and power steer it
Try to pull a 180, drive the other way and clear it
That’s repentance homie
I’m 21 so you’d have thought I’d learned my lesson homie
Doing all the junk I did
And suffering the consequences of my actions
Ain’t no wonder why I’m asking for forgiveness
Cause I need it, by myself I’m defeated
But if my God is for me, who can stand against me?
Like David and Goliath slinging smooth stones
Into the enemie’s forehead, getting morbid
After which God-willing we gon enter into orbit
It’s getting chilly now
Cause once I talk about my faith
Then yall don’t feel me now
But who’s faking boy enlighten me
You coming with that water but
You can’t put out that light in me
In spite of the audacity you try to bring me down now
Most the people that I used to roll with ain’t around now
Either cause they think its stupid cause the way I’m living
Or they always hit me up steady leeching for a hand out
Yall don’t feel me
But yo we in it for the long haul buddy
I got that something that no mortal man can take it from me
All day and night we putting in that work like Kid Cudi
But the chances are you’ll hate me ‘fore you love me
Real homie whats up

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