Macron announced the end of abundance in Europe

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In France and Europe as a whole, the “period of abundance and carelessness” has ended, French leader Emmanuel Macron said at the opening of the Council of Ministers meeting. He urged the French to rally to resolve crises.

“I believe that what we are experiencing now, — it's kind of a big upheaval or a big upheaval. In fact, we are experiencing the end of abundance, the end of cheap liquidity— we will have to extract from this the economic consequences— the end of the availability of products and technologies that we thought were always available,— he said (BFMTV quote).

In addition, Macron mentioned the climate crisis and new risks for Europe, as well as cyber risks. Thus, in his opinion, France needs to do a lot of work on environmental planning and “make clear and decisive choices regarding the season just experienced in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, redouble the efforts that could be made, and also transform the country even faster”; .

Macron also pointed to the rise and consolidation of “illiberal, authoritarian regimes.” He pointed out that the “freedom regime” in France “has a price” and “may demand sacrifices.”

The President of the Republic also touched upon the military conflict in Ukraine, calling this period “the end of carelessness.”

The cost of energy and fertilizers in Western Europe rose amid the Russian military operation in Ukraine and retaliatory sanctions that disrupted supply chains. As a result, European countries faced a record rise in prices for several decades, including for food and utilities.

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned that millions of people in the UK will not be able to afford heating and food in the winter. “For many, it will not be a question of choice between heating and food — sadly, they won't be able to afford either”, — he thinks.

He showed Bloomberg's infographic, according to which the average annual electricity bill in January 2023 could exceed £ 4 thousand (280 thousand rubles).

Khan called on the British authorities to intervene so that “people can meet their basic needs” and freeze the growth of the electricity bill ceiling.

In mid-July, Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Hunor Kelemen said that Europe could face the worst winter since World War II of the war.

The harsh winter in connection with the energy crisis and high inflation in the EU was also warned by Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas. “We will probably see even higher prices than last winter, and this is very worrying”, — she noted.

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