Lungless – To The Part Of Me I’m Missing Lyrics

A part of me I’m missing
Wishing I could just wake up from this never ending dream
I saw it pass, I felt it leave
I learned to cope
I felt the silence and the pain
Like an earthquake shifting my bones
I see the poison reaching your lips
Altering the one thing I can’t protect
Possession without an oath
I’ve just been trying to give you a home
I’ve lost what I fear the most
Countless nights, I waited and watched the stars
Wondering where you are
I can’t
I’m afraid that I won’t fall asleep, from the thoughts that I have lost. Even though I never thought at all
I’m afraid
Scared to death
Rid me of the bitterness left on my tongue
Rid me
Is this f**king easy?
I’m shaking at the possibilities
My heart drops and I’m breathless
I’m a mess, but where are you?
I’m just here dying to give you a home
You’ve made your mark and left a hole
You stood there with the power to consume my world
You’ve made your mark
Cut in my skin
I’m trying to cope with the loss of something I can’t forget
I won’t forget
You became my moon
Illuminating the darkest parts of my life
We became the sun
Lighting up our world, but you’re so far from home

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