Krane – PCP Lyrics (feat. Nick Row)

I been f**kin’ bussin’ out everyone ’round me (x4)

Bussin’ out everyone ’round me nigga
they been count me as Logic I been plottin’
to (?) on every (?) until they (?) it nigga
I told them that I’m lucky that they found me nigga
I was playin’ with the pistol not the (?) nigga
caught a paper ‘fore they rip my (?) nigga off the top

and i’ma push it back
’till I’m (?)
still sittin’ sideways tryna push a pack
clean up ghosts and lookin’ back they
only tough and they tough to niggas that look with (?)
I done made 100 bodies for every place that I been there
He done caught a body for every face in a (?)

I been f**kin’ bussin’ out everyone ’round me (x4)
Get your phone out
’cause your favorite rapper walkin’ by the wrong house
you know the deuce is (?) I might just this card and
then see what’s on the f**kin’ song now
Cause I was really gettin’ a feel you were stumblin’ nigga
f**k in the dope game had them rumblin’ nigga
patty-caked up on his (?)

I’m back
(?) with the yard
in a different lane with this rap shit
same heat tho just dash when the ceiling be packed
run up on the same nigga I was on a track with
back up
my leg done came up
for you to bring my name up
like I’m close to y’all, hope to God that we ride or die
if it’s really only (?) I’m killing both of y’all (?)

I been f**kin’ bussin’ out everyone ’round me (x4)

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