Judith De Los Santos – Homesick Insomniac Lyrics

I lay awake alone
Just let yourself in ’cause my door is always open for you
Keep me warm while the night takes over the sky
And patiently wait for the sun to rise

‘Cause I’m so afraid to sleep
I’m so afraid to sleep alone

Why haven’t you come? Why aren’t you here?
I need you so much it hurts to breathe
I lay awake alone
Blindly calling out for comfort to come help me get along alone

‘Cause I’m so afraid to sleep
Without you laying next to me

And each time I turn I shed a tear
Wish my bed would hug me just the way you hug me dear
It’s no use trying to replace
Your sweet caressing essence or your tender embrace
And each time I turn I curse my bed
I worry that I’ll never ever see the sun again
Night’s too long, you’re too far way
Now I’ll just have to lay awake alone

Damn sun why won’t you rise?

‘Cause I’m so afraid to sleep
Without you protecting me
And I feel so out of place
Surrendering to sleep below somebody else

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