Joseph Andreoli – Love Song Lyrics

In a bottle
On a shelf
A little me
In a tiny house
In a little world
With no one else
I blink and stare the day away

Little later
Step out my door
Look from the edge of my shelf
Down onto the floor
It’s quite a distance
Or so it seems
I go back inside and turn on the TV

At night I dream
Of a cat on my shelf
Tipping the bottle
With me in my house
Sometimes I think
It would be alright
A little kitty paw
And out goes the light

Then one day
While watching TV
I hear a noise
Outside next to me
I go outside
Look on my shelf
It’s a little girl with a little house

From bottle to bottle
We wave and shout
And play little games
That we’ve figured out
And if that cat comes by
We’ll frown and say:
Go away
Go away
And it will go away

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