Jason Reeves – Numbers & Time Lyrics

Numbers & Time Lyrics

Four people dreaming, ten thousand drowning,
Six billion searching, five of them knowing.
Nine million crashing, two angels flying,
It ain’t the numbers, it ain’t in time.

Three million orphans, twelve thousand mansions,
Four nuns believing, five million begging,
Two doctors trying, six thousand waiting.
It ain’t in the numbers, it ain’t in the time.

Doesn’t really matter where you are,
Around every corner there’s a broken heart.
You can save or help the less starve in town
With a couple of pennies you found.
It ain’t in the numbers it ain’t in the time.

Four mothers hoping, eighteen bombs falling,
Three children laughing, two billion dying,
One person praying could probably save them.
It ain’t in the numbers, it ain’t in the time.

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