Izzy Lucid – Ego, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Living like this man
It got me going crazy
Looking at these niggas
Tryna play me
f**k the world
In all of its entirety
I don’t pull out
When that bitch try evade me
So you gotta think twice
When you come close
I scoped these snakes
Since I was 8 years old
It might be a bad hand
So I might just fold
But I’m going all in
When I drop this song
So push your album back
And make way for a king
This ain’t ego
It’s truth in this bitch
I drop a song everyday
Man for 20 damn days
And I swear to God
They all end up becoming hits
Let me not get ahead of myself
For all the f**king pain that I felt
For all of y’all that keep saying
That you’re better then me
Listen to my shit
And then you humble yourselves
It’s about time I get confidence
It’s about time y’all get onto this
It’s about time that you follow it
Making all this music
I ain’t ever felt this confident
Let’s go

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