Ish1da – Samurai Champloo Lyrics

It got me feeling like Jin off this gin, I’m melodic
With the smoke in the air, and the smell is hypnotic
With a strawberry Swish blunt with a whole lotta chronic
And a pocket, with a wallet, with a whole lotta nada
I be stressed, but it got me in an etherial mode
With a serious soul and a cereal bowl
Like I’m searching for the sunflower I’m a go on the road
But keep my mind open, infinite like the Konami code
Hip Hop is my soul, hope you lookin when he’s rapping
B Boys spinning to the beat, like Mugen when he’s scrapping
I’m juugin and I’m lappin on my way to Shangri-La
But some live and some die in the Way of the Samurai
Hear my battlecry, I might stay late
And keep my fresh on a sideways eight
Yeah I might make babes, all I need is some Risotto
And a cosplay chick that was born in Kyoto ah
But that’s a no no if I ain’t got that protection B
I keep my sword sheathed, I don’t need no BM stressing me
I wonder if there’s a message G when I hear these new rappers
I ain’t hating you rappers but I prefer the boom bappers
It’s the truth rappers, it’s the war of the words
I’m standing on top a castle, representing the Third
I guess you ain’t heard, I’m following my destiny
Following the god of Fuu’s father to the death of me
A cross on my chest and resolve in my heart
Ain’t shit you can do to bring a stop to this march
Bring a stop to this art? You must be JK’ing
I grab the mic and get loud like an AK spraying
And I stay laying this heat over beats
I got the resolve of a beast, so girl put your knees over these
Shoulders right here, they holdin up the world already
Mujushin-style stabbings got ya girl all sweaty ah
You mad bro?  My bad, I’m in my zone
Miyamoto Musashi with a microphone
The best squad in the city is watching my back
I might hit you with the two piece like Mataza the Zap
I’m just talkin that crap, I’m a peaceful warrior
And my flow Mega Man, I’ll defeat and absorb ya
While I’m hungover off gin and soda
I’m a f**king hero dog, man I beat Jenova
Word to Jehovah, right hand on the rhyme
The way I’m rapping these lines so you can examine my mind
Take a step inside, don’t be afraid
I let the beat lead me while I lead the way
And I’ve seen today, as I led the sermon
That all I can you’s only death is certain
But the Way of the Samurai is found in death
You might hear a lot of deep shit, but my sound’s the best

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