InoSMI called the culprits of the global energy crisis: it’s not Russia

The analyst refused to blame the Russian Federation for this.

Italian journalists believe that Russia is not to blame for the global energy crisis, and it began long before the NWO started.

Il Corriere della Sera believes that gas prices in Europe began grow to a special operation, and the latter only exacerbated the situation. So, now Europe is looking for alternative fuel that can replace the supply of energy resources from the Russian Federation, which countries refuse due to sanctions.

Analysts believe that Europe may be left without gas, which is now searching for deposits. The population is urged to reduce fuel consumption by saving on toilet paper, soap and other products, and, of course, on water. Polls that were conducted in Italy in July showed that 69% of citizens began to wash less frequently.

In Germany, due to rising prices for electricity and gas, hot water is provided on schedule, in one of the cities the supply plan is from 4 to 8 in the morning, from 11 to 13 in the afternoon and from 17 to 21. In addition, city swimming pools or supply cold water.

In the UK, about 70% of pubs are under threat of closure due to the crisis. Thus, 65% of owners reported an increase in utility bills by 100 percent or more. And 8% of restaurateurs – by five hundred.

The authors of the publication believe that Russia is not to blame for this. They see the reason in the confusion and misinformation that the media has generated, and the NWO began at the height of the crisis, not at its beginning.

“Gas fuel prices skyrocketed over a year ago, long before the Russian special operation,” – they write.

But the blame is on the attempt to introduce wind power in the North Sea, that is, the weather is to blame. The second reason – China, which began to consume more energy resources, since 2019, China's consumption has increased five times compared to 2000.

When the pandemic struck, demand fell, and prices went up, and in 2021 the crisis began .

Analysts are confident that Russia has decided to deal with the east, developing ties with India, China and other countries.

“China and India are consumers, and Russia is their supplier,” describes the new publication. economic policy.

It is also convinced that the media and politicians exaggerate the role of the world's oil corporations is also exaggerated. They note that at the moment the state-owned company from Saudi Arabia Aramco is the world's leading company, and other countries follow the same example, giving fuel to state-owned enterprises.

Experts build forecasts for the future taking into account the two-year period that the crisis will last. However, it will stretch to two – three years or longer, depends again on the countries themselves.

The most unproductive way is to accuse and further sanctions against the Russian Federation, this can only aggravate the situation. It is necessary to change the political model in the problem to an economic one, based on other reasons for making decisions, the journalists believe.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the EU is taking gas from developing countries, refusing supplies from the Russian Federation.


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