In Yakutia, they will check the video with a doctor who sees 10 patients at the same time

The Ministry of Health of Yakutia will conduct an investigation into the publication of a video on social networks, where the Yakut doctor of the city hospital No. 3 conducts a simultaneous medical examination of about ten patients, TASS reports.

It is noted that it will be carried out a conversation with the doctor, since the simultaneous reception of many patients in the medical room is unacceptable. An internal audit is designed to identify the causes of what happened.  

The head physician of the hospital received an invitation to patients who were captured on video to receive medical care properly.

The Minister of Health of Yakutia Lena Afanasyeva urged visitors to medical institutions to report the facts of poor quality of services to the single number contact center of healthcare.

It was previously reported that a Siberian who spent 14 years in the hospital after receiving burns to 85% of his body became a doctor.

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