Hardy Caprio – Lucky Me Freestyle Lyrics

Let me take my jewels off bruv
Ages since I done suttin’ like this

Tell my bro it’s just one of them days
I’m not in the mood
I’m done with the games
You know how I get when there’s money to make
One time I’m not in love with the chase
Run to the bread like it’s running away
Sip white rum ’till I’m stubborn and grey
I could be one of the realest alive
Or I could make the tune of the summer today

Do it myself, holla at Ace
One of them’s dead, one of them pays
One of them wanna keep my family good
When these niggas pop up when there’s something to say
Croydon nigga, from an estate
f**k all the fame i’m stuck in my ways
One of my tings got the shock of her life
Now shes in the hotel f**king amaze

Been hitting up insta tings and saying were through
(uh yeah)
There’s a convoy full of ’18 plates in the rear view
(uh yeah)
There’s a e-class auto I dunno ’bout gear 2
(uh yeah)
I bet you see my cuban in a snapchat near you
(oi mad)

They wanna know where my life is
Man moved out got a nice whip
Yard for the fam they excited
Five bedroom in the country I like it
Tings move haram when they see where the ice is (ISIS)
Life is, money and gyal I’m a psychic
Turn this YouTube ting to a side bitch
Pipe it, if I don’t like her mileage
I got options cause I’m ghetto and stylish

When I made unsigned
Tings got uncuffed
Pics got unliked
Sheets got untucked
One boyfriend try have his girl punched up
What can I say man it’s f**ked up
Don’t be a smartass
Don’t be a dumbf**k
Sitting there getting good brain
Never done luck
Baby mums wanna beat till the suns up
Tell that bitch skeet out when the suns up

I’m in the ends
f**k no offence
I’mma offend
What have they done
Minor attempts
That didn’t work
Tried it again
Niggas are awkward
Trying to send
What’s with the bullshit
Wire on the fence
Guy in the benz
Loyal to me
So if I’m on ridin’, ridin’, ridin’, ridin’ again

Lighties a mess, one try trap me
Lied to her friends
Buying a jimmy
Buying a skeng
Get me a 9, 9 out of 10
Where am I now
Aite it depends
I’m in the charts
I’m in the benz
I’m in the [?]
I’m in the [?]

Just made a milly and now make a milly again

Doesn’t release, doesn’t release
All of my songs that went in the charts, I done it for me
f**k all the tweets, man of the house
Cutting the keys
Nigga went uni and still took rap to another degree

Don’t ever, ever move like saying man can’t rap
One or two songs in the charts and everyone forgets how I came up
Like saying man weren’t recording thirty freestyles, thirty freestyles in one year
Do you know how hard man worked for niggas to say im lucky
When I made unsigned niggas said “rah that’s Acen” I was like rah boom okay
We done super soaker they said I was lucky
We done rapper they said I was lucky
Man done best life they said I was lucky
f**k it im the luckiest man alive
Hollywood f**kin h hardy season 2019
Project out this year
Croydon, CR0
The waviest nigga on the M25, Sierra Leone’s finest u dun know

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