Harakiri For The Sky – Parting Lyrics

Yet another tone and these walls come tumbling down on our heads
So that we are finally buried alive, in this dungeon of lies
After all these years, I discerned, I don’t belong here anymore
It’s an ardent desire, all we love we have to leave behind!

It’s about time to take leave, please let me tear apart
Even this lethargy can’t restrain me, it may be too late
I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I’m tired and cold
In this awful state I won’t weather out another winter

We breathed fire and brimstone, but at the edge of the night
Everything that was left to say was spewed and scattered over the floor
As well being with or without you guzzles me from the inside
But have you ever seen happy people with interesting stories to tell?

But if I wouldn’t suffer, I wouldn’t feel alive, dead but still breathing
An avenue of escape, but blurred in this hazy notions

The pain is gone, but I still wear the wounds
They still flare up in heavy snow and glowing embers
But these monuments of yesteryears, will soon turn into scars
Thanks for leaving, so I can finally breath again…

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