Harakiri For The Sky – Lungs Filled With Water Lyrics

Capture the horizon, dry tears with stale wine
Try to turn thoughts into letters, scream as loud as you can!
This empty streets seem like a grace of wounded hearts to me
Just a few hours more to come and they’ll enter their long expected target

An unending story of renunciation, my sacrifice
Once offered to this dying love as my last, final gift
In sooner days we thought
That in forgetting we could set ourselves free
And you know as well as I do, that from now on
There’s nothing that can stop me anymore

The ones who live by hope, will soon die by disappointment
So let’s stop pretending, you know it was the best decision to part our ways
Farewells can get quite nasty, that’s why I disappeared silently
To say good bye is still the best information we can ever share

An endless dawn slowly fades the end of the night
As former enstrangement again defeats me from behind
There’s no denying, that without you I’m nothing
But also with you I am still alone
f**k this broken heart!

The distance between us feels as far as an ocean
When I attempt to traverse it, the raging waves wash me back ashore
I tried so hard to reach the other side, but I lost consciousness
‘Cause I don’t know how to breathe, when my lungs are filled with water

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