Harakiri For The Sky – Burning From Both Ends Lyrics

I came up to our house, with barren feet and empty handed
You weren’t here in a long time, but your ghost still haunts these walls
Over all these years, we slowly lost each others sight
We tried everything just not to forget, but this life has no clean brakes

So now that you’re gone I’ve got no more reason to croak in this place
Alas this formerly lively area now turned out just bleak and lonesome
So why should I stay, why should I scrape a living by disgrace
When almost every other spot in this world seems to have more meaning than this one?

I keep on starring at these blank walls, where our pictures hung
As they indicate: My former home became a grave!
„I am happy“, is something we haven’t said for a while
We didn’t succed to win this fight together, but at least we tried!

At least I tried!

All these sore memories, hidden in a heartshaped-box
Which I buried so deep, within the power of man
But the day will dawn, when I’m going to rake over their ashes
And scatter them into the river , that once flooded this place

Run as fast as your legs will carry you away from me
I just brought you misfortune and the sands of time are running out
But with every minute that’s elapsing, the spleen is decreasing
And when a few years have past, you won’t be able to recall my face

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