Happy Lyrics – The Soil

Happy happy…
You make me feel happy

I only see the place, where you and I and everyone is happy
Together as one we can make it, change the world into a better place
Let’s unite, let’s make peace, let’s forgive and be happy!

Happy happy happy, you make me feel happy

There goes a praise and glory for the love you show me, you make me happy
Thank you for the gift of music nosapho lwami, you make me happy
I’m happy and I know it and I really wanna show it, I am happy (I am happy)
If you’re happy and you know it and you really wanna show it say I am happy (I am happy)

Happy happy happy, you make me feel happy

I loved you since your very first smile, each time I leave I wanna hug you for a while
But then you smile and say you’ll see me next time, and I thank the lord that you are mine
Wena my A,B,C etshwana le 1,2,3 you make this mommy thing seem so easy, you’re always loving and pretty
I’m proud to say you are my baby!

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