Get The Shot – Lifelong Grievers Lyrics

Take a look at me father
Sitting right on the heights of despair
Prematurely faithless, worn out, dead
I ain’t the proud man you swear I’d be

The shadows I called friends
Just paint myself into a corner
And if it’s as cruel as it may seem
I’ll cast the first stone before they make me fade (FADE)

Cheating fate
Fighting out of boredom ‘til your spirit breaks (BREAKS)
Is this worth the risk of living ?

Take my rage out
Take my pain away

Sad are only those who understand
Face the facts!

I’ll never drown in their damn old BURNING LIES
“Boy you must put your fists down
Resign yourself and let go” (BURNING LIES)

Ain’t nothing grand in this life
But oppression and bad blood (BURNING LIES)
Why should I love this world back
While it pushes me off track (BURNING LIES)

Father how can you breath
When you can’t find strength to live

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