Get The Shot – Atlas Lyrics

Cut the wires, shot me at dawn
Devote your last prayer to the downfall in sight
‘Cause I sold my soul straight to the devil
In spite of all the cold days
I dug my grave and still managed to find DISCIPLINE through affliction

There’s a risk when you’re feeding the lion
I’m trying to stay far from the edge
But the void keeps dragging me down

I don’t wanna live, don’t wanna see, don’t wanna feel
Don’t wanna be, don’t wanna lie, don’t want to make it last

Take me out of a world built on hatred
Where the sun sleeps forever and always
Left alone and scared by the portrait
Primed to live not just survive in this hell
Left alone and condemned to silence
I’ll bear my cross with a smile of discontent

This is what it means to be BORN INFECTED

This is what it means to f**king live in this nightmare
Let me show you what it f**king feels to be broken

I was born with the weight of the world on my shoulders

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