Franklin Bruno – Charlottesville Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Troopers on Highway 29
Hiding behind the trees that line
The road down to Virginia from D.C
Thank you, I swear that I’ll slow down
But I’m still a half an hour from town
And there’s a couch that’s been made up for me
And someone waiting anxiously

In Charlottesville
In Charlottesville

[Verse 2]
I know you’re only being kind
But kindness is hard enough to find
And I’ll pretend you don’t avoid his name
That really isn’t why I came

To Charlottesville

[Verse 3]
Bourbon and humidity in a sovereign colony
Why do you pretend you’re free when you feel your will
Bending in the night like these Antebellum balconies
In the sultry summer breeze, how can you keep still?

In Charlottesville
In Charlottesville
In Charlottesville

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