Fortes – The White Noise Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Checking shit off my bucketlist, effortless there’s no luck in this, pessamist I’m like f**k this shit, ever since I got up in it. Cannabis cuppin’ it, I’m judging it, I’m juggling, 3 different things at once hustling, you know me well, if I love you we can blow an L, I tried to change but to no avail, I’m overwhelmed, but I harness my energy, you f**ked up and you tarnished your legacy, washed up celebrities on talk show therapy, I’m in my late twenties, so my concern is just to make money, smoking in the dark, listening to beats, six in the morning, wishing I could sleep

(Verse 2)
This isn’t for the critics, I did it without a gimmick, you’re listening to a cynic, who sins every single minute, it’s genius to rob a mark man, out in Yonkers when it’s dark man, give me the biscuit and I’ll turn into Bishop, always looked up to Kiss but never did I kiss up, loyal to Styles and never will I switch up, think about all the gems I picked up, sleep deprivation, self deprecation, smoking myself into a deep meditation, my presence is felt, so is my absence, so when I fall back they all like what happened?

Styles P (Verse 3)
He smokes loud but he keeps quiet, he stays up he’s on a sleep diet, this wolf talk but all the sheep buy it, they can’t f**k with me, but they keep trying, dancing in the shadows, rhyming in the darkness, ex-dope boy but you can catch him in the office, he was half dead but he never had a coffin, dreamt about money so he learned to get it often, make the change, see the change made, or left back back in the same grade this the school of hard knocks, told Forty let the bars drop, let a limelight, appreciate the shadows til your heart stops

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