Fortes – Bark Out The Bottle Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Higher than you been
Really f**king cool man, lighting up cubans
No uhaul but I have been moving
Hustling and rappings all I’ve ever been doing
It’s all I’ve ever been doing
I got 20/20 vision
20/20 apple baggies bagging in the kitchen
Selling super sour listening to Superstitions
Wait a minute nah it was Innervisions
I got the grower out in Sacromento
Pounds packed up in a rental
This was written it ain’t accidental
Forty bout to blow up like coke and a pack of mentos
I’m shittin on em like imodium
Cops try pulling me over, I got the ozium
I ain’t gonna lie, one time I smoked opium
I thought it was hash, man I just had to laugh like..

(Verse 2)

You’re reaching for respect
You ain’t balling you’re in debt
You’re just fronting for the net
I smoke every blunt to the head
But sometimes you gotta pass it
Cause everybodys passing
And I don’t wanna join the 27 club
They call me 40 cause nobody can come get a dub
I remember when I fell in love
Wasn’t a girl it was selling drugs
I guess it was just the rush
No hop scotch when I’m talking bout double dutches
No broken ankle but I got a couple crutches, vices
You ain’t f**king with me in the slightest
Hoe light this, then cook a meal, then let’s f**k and get the itus
Hustler with a temper, switch like a light switch
I’m working the f**king night shift

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