Finland will ban the entry and transit of Russians on the Schengen of any country

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Finland, following the Baltic countries and Poland, will ban the transit of Russians with Schengen visas, including those obtained in other countries. The ban will be adopted within a few days, now it is formulated in a draft version, said Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

“Based on the decision, the authorities will be able to completely stop the movement of tourists [from Russia]. <…> Visas can also be canceled on an individual basis at the Finnish border,— emphasized by Haavisto.

According to him, it will be possible for Russians to come to Finland only for family reasons, to study, work, or if they own real estate (if it is jointly owned). He also pointed out that refusal to perform military service is not sufficient grounds for applying for asylum in Finland.

Since September 19, in response to the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, bordering with Russia, have also banned entry for Russians even with valid Schengen visas.

Finland remained the last country through which Russian tourists could enter in the EU along the land border: on February 27, the European Union closed its airspace to Russian aircraft.

In addition, the European Union has suspended the visa facilitation with Russia since September 12. Obtaining visas has become longer, more difficult and more expensive. The visa fee has increased from €35 to €80, and the standard time limit for making a decision on Schengen visa applications has increased from ten to 15 days, and in some cases can be extended up to 45 days.


After the partial mobilization in the country announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Finnish customs recorded a sharp increase in the number of Russians entering: over the past two days, at least 15,832 Russians have passed through three checkpoints on the border with Finland (7,070 on September 21 and 8,762 on September 22 -e).

The number of Russians who crossed the border per day increased by an average of 1.5 times compared to previous days (5436 people on September 14, 5728— September 15, 5435— September 19, 5701— September 20). At the same time, the growth was mainly due to those who traveled to Finland: their number more than doubled, while the number of Russians who crossed the border from Finland remained approximately at the same level these days.

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In mid-September, the Finnish authorities took the initiative to include tourist visas for Russian citizens in the scope of sanctions, and also invited EU members to enter into the Schengen Information System (SIS) information about Russians who were not admitted by any country to the Schengen area

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