Coely – Blu Mood Lyrics

I been looking at the clock wishing for time to go slower
Just life in slow motion
Smell the roses, when was the last time you took your time to find closure
You keep reliving the moment
Over and over you think you being a soldier
You don’t realize, you personifying your own opponent
The demon inside is telling you lies
There’s no escape from this jail we callin’ our mind
And I put my hands to the sky
Lord help me now I’m in danger, a demon is on the rise
And I’m petrified, drownin’ in tears, I’m being swallowed by fear
I mean can no longer peddle I’m being surrounded by darkness
So I been building a fortress, going to war and just hoping’ that I get home safe
You tell me who determines your fears, you tell me if you’d be losing your faith
Cause it feel like I’ve been slowly slipping
Slowly slipping

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