Cities Aviv – Still Lyrics (feat. Bizzarh)

I was called can’t you see?
You acting up like you wanna leave
You out here like you wanna die
Well it’s better to be alive
Sit back down close your eyes
I’m feeling a lot of butterflies
Elevate your universe
Every time you say a f**kin word
Or you weigh it to the ground, through this press you’re tryna fold, weigh you down
Regardless of these nightmares, illusions of true peace
I’m feeling so eternal (?) what suits me, me
That I never felt more alive
True power that we hold inside
Body parts with nothing to show
I’m all dressed up but nowhere to go
Guess I never felt more alone
I guess I never felt more at home
Step into discern till my eyes black
And you know I never look away
Cause I never felt more alive, never felt more alive
Concentration, elimination
No repeat, or hesitation
No hesitating, for one nation, and we are elevating, are you participating?
I thank you for your glory, praise and infinite patience
Sorry to keep you waiting but I’ve been making havens
And I can see the faces
The wonderful, the magical, the golden girls, create a wonder world, speak of many things into existence
And watch you take me to a far distance
You ask for dissonance but were you listening?
You ask for dissonance but were you even listening?

Come to life [x2]

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