Cities Aviv – Dimming Lyrics

I don’t got time for the
I don’t know
I don’t got mind for the
I won’t show
When you make your bed, that’s when you fall
When you let your hair, that’s when you grow
I don’t talk that much lately, girl
I don’t feel your love when you call me baby
I don’t feel us that urgent (sheesh!)
I think you got the wrong person
Do you feel me? like really the real me?
I ran with the filthy
My niggas, you with me
Had to crooked out the books, yeah
You was searchin’ for a look, yeah
Saw your vision, now you shook
Steady forward on the push
All the mileage that it took
Can I count for
All the years I
Felt crossed up like gang signs
I’m always late, but I’m on time
Always late, but I’m on time
Always late, but I’m on time

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